What is art?(Metaverse)

The line between art and life should be kept as fluid, and perhaps indistinct, as possible. -Allan Kaprow

The line between art and life should be kept as fluid, and perhaps indistinct, as possible.

-Allan Kaprow


If all of life is art, then most art is boring, banal, repetitive, without aesthetic intention, and simply utilitarian.

Wait, what about nature? Nature, it is the 'all' of the organic ecosystem we live in besides electronics, concrete, and plastic. Of course- it is the embodiment of art, at least IRL.

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What is art in the Metaverse?

If everything is Art in the Metaverse, then let’s start with:

  • Cubism’s cousin, Rectangularism 🔲

    Almost every portal into the Metaverse is a rectangle. Almost every interface within the Metaverse is partitioned with rectangles. Even the Metaversal NFT art format is constrained by a rectangle, even while viewing 3-D.

  • The Metaverse his profile-centric🐵. Inherited from Myspace and Facebook, the meta-verse itself is filled with front porch/profile oriented landings. They are like seaports; ships come in, interact with what’s local, and then is back out to sea. Rarely is there travel more inland. If this is art, we can say, that it is peripheral

  • What about nature? Wait, so there is nature in the Metaverse? Well I guess that would be code⌨️. In the meta-verse it is understood as: ‘code is law’. Code is art.

So, for the Metaverse, art is rectangular, peripheral, and code.


🌐Community as art.

Oh here we go… Something organic in the Metaverse of code. In a basic way, the Metaverse activity is: exchange🤝. Even with simple peripheral exchanges, there’s an understanding of mutual benefit, for example, a like button🧡. For advanced interactions, there is an opportunity to get feedback, as a reply💬.

Especially in the crypto verse, community is no longer just a 128 character reply or a 'like', it is group interaction. We are moving away from Snapchat like private images that are temporary, but towards public and altruistic exchanges that are permanently recorded. People aren’t just exchanging at the port, but they are moving inland to more cooperative venues like Discord and clubs/spaces.

Just like the history of fine art, art is a relationship between the art and the viewer.

Everything can’t be art, that is absurd. If everything was art we would never have time to reflect, investigate, or critique it. However snippets, snapshots, or slices of 'the everything' can be art. With this, the artist is the curator. In this Curation, the artist prepares for communal exchange.

Art IRL and online, is relationship.


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