What is art?(Metaverse)

The line between art and life should be kept as fluid, and perhaps indistinct, as possible. -Allan Kaprow

The line between art and life should be kept as fluid, and perhaps indistinct, as possible.

-Allan Kaprow


If all of life is art, then most art is boring, banal, repetitive, without aesthetic intention, and simply utilitarian.

Wait, what about nature? Nature, it is the 'all' of the organic ecosystem we live in besides electronics, concrete, and plastic. Of course- it is the embodiment of art, at least IRL.

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What is art in the Metaverse?

If everything is Art in the Metaverse, then let’s start with:

  • Cubism’s cousin, Rectangularism 🔲

    Almost every portal into the Metaverse is a rectangle. Almost every interface within the Metaverse is partitioned with rectangles. Even the Metaversal NFT art format is constrained by a rectangle, even while viewing 3-D.

  • The Metaverse his profile-centric🐵. Inherited from Myspace and Facebook, the meta-verse itself is filled with front porch/profile oriented landings. They are like seaports; ships come in, interact with what’s local, and then is back out to sea. Rarely is there travel more inland. If this is art, we can say, that it is peripheral

  • What about nature? Wait, so there is nature in the Metaverse? Well I guess that would be code⌨️. In the meta-verse it is understood as: ‘code is law’. Code is art.

So, for the Metaverse, art is rectangular, peripheral, and code.


🌐Community as art.

Oh here we go… Something organic in the Metaverse of code. In a basic way, the Metaverse activity is: exchange🤝. Even with simple peripheral exchanges, there’s an understanding of mutual benefit, for example, a like button🧡. For advanced interactions, there is an opportunity to get feedback, as a reply💬.

Especially in the crypto verse, community is no longer just a 128 character reply or a 'like', it is group interaction. We are moving away from Snapchat like private images that are temporary, but towards public and altruistic exchanges that are permanently recorded. People aren’t just exchanging at the port, but they are moving inland to more cooperative venues like Discord and clubs/spaces.

Just like the history of fine art, art is a relationship between the art and the viewer.

Everything can’t be art, that is absurd. If everything was art we would never have time to reflect, investigate, or critique it. However snippets, snapshots, or slices of 'the everything' can be art. With this, the artist is the curator. In this Curation, the artist prepares for communal exchange.

Art IRL and online, is relationship.



Identity ART, and what if you have multiple personality imposter syndrome? The Struggle is real...

Tech notes.. I accidentally used emoji in my hyperlink. I didn’t know you could do that… here is the code for horsehead…


  1. identity epiphany😶

  2. artist struggles😵


I know it’s some kind of psychological compulsion to fit in… It sucks.

  • I know I don’t fit in. I know I misunderstood. When I am in a positive frame of mind, I am proud of this. But when I am in a negative mind state, I get jealous I don’t want to be an outcast or a misfit. I want to belong.

  • However leaders cannot hang out in the break room, and prophets cannot stay and partake in the feast. They’re too busy looking ahead and seeing what’s next.👁️

  • I’ve had a couple of wonderful epiphanies this month. About my art identity:

  1. I am not a NFT artist. I am a crypto artist. I no longer simply make digital artwork, and sell it via the block chain. I am an artist from the cryptocurrency world, make art about cryptocurrency, and I am collected by the cryptocurrency world. I don’t make 10,000 slightly altered animal avatars, I don’t design crypto games, I am a contemporary crypto artist.

  2. I am not an illustrator. I am not a craftsman. I am a fine art conceptual artist with a pop style. It’s in my blood and neurons to be Duchamp, Jasper Johns, and Damien Hirst. When I make art, it has nothing to do with how cool it looks, or how clever the idea… Even though I’ve been trapped by this in the past…It’s about brainwashing, it’s about psychological investigation, and revolution.

My lines blur.

  • Even though my core artistic identity lies within a contemporary art context, I am a fan boy of nerd pop culture. I still read comic books, manga, and collect sci-fi ephemera.

  • I am inspired by artists that work in both high and low culture like KAWS, and Shepard Fairey.

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🐯 I am a metaphysical tiger

There have been times that I’ve been a mystic. At the moment I am just mystical. It always seeps into my work, but there’s also been times I have avoided this…

I am re-embracing my spirituality in my work.

William Blake is one of my greatest idols. Both spiritually and artistically.

He was and is still a dark horse. It is interesting how he is ingrained in British culture, but is still relatively unknown in America, except for his poetry that is taught in literature classes.

  • 🦄 Not everybody needs or wants to be unique, And that’s OK.

But for those of you they have never fit in, don’t even try- you don’t belong there. You are supposed to be out front in front of the pack. Sometimes it is lonely, but such is the life of an explorer, prophet, conqueror, and artist.


  • For the past 20 years, I’ve only sold my artwork in person either at some local art shows, or garage sales lol.

  • I’m learning to traverse the artist marketing wilderness. Even though I’ve been online all these years, I’m just experimented with social media- I’ve never really tried to build any kind of artistic following.

    I’ve realized I am invisible.


✔️I am selling on KnownOrigin!

🙏 Thanks for reading! @mars_eve

Dark Horse 🐴 Beeple

an artNFTexpert.com article | so I've decided to stuff whatever crazy writing I do into this newsletter... cheers!

Beeple is a concept artist.

Beeple is a concept artist that made $69 million for the sale of one work through Christie’s auction house.


Nobody needs to get upset over the term concept artist. During the 90s I investigated becoming a concept artist myself… And I just didn’t fit.

BUT there is no way I would’ve ever predicted a concept artist to have artwork selling at Christie’s… Especially for $69 million!!


Beeple did not sell his work because he is a concept artist.

He sold his work because:

  1. he did what he wanted to do

  2. was passion about it💎

  3. consistent

  4. serendipity of getting involved with crypto art= right place, right time.

His work sold, not because he’s a concept artist, BUT because he is a successful crypto artist. He has been selling crypto work for only a few years to a very niche collector base. These collectors are not even traditional art collectors. They are Cryptocurrency Investors.💎

So- one of the most successfully financial artist of our time is not from the fine art world, and not financed by the fine art world.

🐴In the fine art world, Beeple is a dark horse.

So, as an artist do what you want!


If your work blurs the lines, then keep blurring them! 13 years ago, crypto art didn’t even exist, and hell, concept art is not even seen as a fine art at all…

Giddy up yo!

cheers, Mars

(originally posted https://artnftexpert.com/artists/dark-horse-%f0%9f%90%b4-beeple/)


Our lives depend on it!!

✨ DO IT!

Fucking use it… I realized the other day that as I’m turning 50, who knows how much time I have left. I was postponing my art career till I retire in seven years, considering I work about 60 hours a week- outside of art. The time is now old man!

My spirit animal has been naughty, and it’s time to tame the Valentiger.

Fanftastic Four

As I stated in the last newsletter, I’ve got to rewire my brain for creativity, today I had to get creative, but being pinched on time with a lot of driving ahead… I did another 'drawing while driving'…

I’ve done this before.

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So I went to the Dollar Tree and spent three dollars on a drawing pad and two big ass sharpies.

For some reason I decided to create a character called Mickey Mouth. I plan on time lapsing these, but also looking at combining them in a video.

The other aspect of my creativity today is dictating this newsletter. I pretty much do everything through iPhone dictation.

Uh, uh uh uh uh

By the way I love both Drake and Kanye, but I think the Kanye album is fire! The Drake album is OK, but it seems to be more pop hip-hop flavored. I love Kanye’s weirdness…

I do kinda like this…

the video structure will get stolen by me…


What is a Valentiger?

Artist Mars Eve Reveals All!! I mean ALLLL....

What is a Valentiger?

Besides being my meta-verse spirit animal?

Hi I’m Mars. I create digital arts, and believe in ghost animals.

Valentiger started in the 2005 as various art design projects. At the time I was a fan of sites like Surfstation, Design is Kinky, and K10K. I ended up using Valentiger.com as an interview site for comic and juxtaposed pop-surrealists of the 2000s.

The first Archive.org instance:

❤️Valentiger 1.0






💘Blake as Cupid

The idea truly came from a mixture of my love for William Blake's The Tyger, and that I was born on Valentine’s Day 1971. It has always been my spirit animal.

Valentiger the band

There is a band called Valentiger that started around 2008(unrelated). Around 2010 I was disgruntled with art and offered to sell them the domain name for several thousands of dollars, but they didn’t wanna pay for it. Luckily I kept it. It is always been a part of me.

My Facebook has always been https://www.facebook.com/valentiger

I did lose the Twitter handle. And I do have the Instagram, even though I am locked out… Lol

I’ve actually been holding onto the domain, waiting for the right project. Many times it was almost another art magazine site, and it’s been a future fashion brand. It was almost a comic book.

HEY MARS! Where do I find you online?







Cheers bro! -Mars

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