Identity ART, and what if you have multiple personality imposter syndrome? The Struggle is real...

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I know it’s some kind of psychological compulsion to fit in… It sucks.

  • I know I don’t fit in. I know I misunderstood. When I am in a positive frame of mind, I am proud of this. But when I am in a negative mind state, I get jealous I don’t want to be an outcast or a misfit. I want to belong.

  • However leaders cannot hang out in the break room, and prophets cannot stay and partake in the feast. They’re too busy looking ahead and seeing what’s next.👁️

  • I’ve had a couple of wonderful epiphanies this month. About my art identity:

  1. I am not a NFT artist. I am a crypto artist. I no longer simply make digital artwork, and sell it via the block chain. I am an artist from the cryptocurrency world, make art about cryptocurrency, and I am collected by the cryptocurrency world. I don’t make 10,000 slightly altered animal avatars, I don’t design crypto games, I am a contemporary crypto artist.

  2. I am not an illustrator. I am not a craftsman. I am a fine art conceptual artist with a pop style. It’s in my blood and neurons to be Duchamp, Jasper Johns, and Damien Hirst. When I make art, it has nothing to do with how cool it looks, or how clever the idea… Even though I’ve been trapped by this in the past…It’s about brainwashing, it’s about psychological investigation, and revolution.

My lines blur.

  • Even though my core artistic identity lies within a contemporary art context, I am a fan boy of nerd pop culture. I still read comic books, manga, and collect sci-fi ephemera.

  • I am inspired by artists that work in both high and low culture like KAWS, and Shepard Fairey.

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🐯 I am a metaphysical tiger

There have been times that I’ve been a mystic. At the moment I am just mystical. It always seeps into my work, but there’s also been times I have avoided this…

I am re-embracing my spirituality in my work.

William Blake is one of my greatest idols. Both spiritually and artistically.

He was and is still a dark horse. It is interesting how he is ingrained in British culture, but is still relatively unknown in America, except for his poetry that is taught in literature classes.

  • 🦄 Not everybody needs or wants to be unique, And that’s OK.

But for those of you they have never fit in, don’t even try- you don’t belong there. You are supposed to be out front in front of the pack. Sometimes it is lonely, but such is the life of an explorer, prophet, conqueror, and artist.


  • For the past 20 years, I’ve only sold my artwork in person either at some local art shows, or garage sales lol.

  • I’m learning to traverse the artist marketing wilderness. Even though I’ve been online all these years, I’m just experimented with social media- I’ve never really tried to build any kind of artistic following.

    I’ve realized I am invisible.


✔️I am selling on KnownOrigin!

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