Our lives depend on it!!

✨ DO IT!

Fucking use it… I realized the other day that as I’m turning 50, who knows how much time I have left. I was postponing my art career till I retire in seven years, considering I work about 60 hours a week- outside of art. The time is now old man!

My spirit animal has been naughty, and it’s time to tame the Valentiger.

Fanftastic Four

As I stated in the last newsletter, I’ve got to rewire my brain for creativity, today I had to get creative, but being pinched on time with a lot of driving ahead… I did another 'drawing while driving'…

I’ve done this before.

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So I went to the Dollar Tree and spent three dollars on a drawing pad and two big ass sharpies.

For some reason I decided to create a character called Mickey Mouth. I plan on time lapsing these, but also looking at combining them in a video.

The other aspect of my creativity today is dictating this newsletter. I pretty much do everything through iPhone dictation.

Uh, uh uh uh uh

By the way I love both Drake and Kanye, but I think the Kanye album is fire! The Drake album is OK, but it seems to be more pop hip-hop flavored. I love Kanye’s weirdness…

I do kinda like this…

the video structure will get stolen by me…