What is a Valentiger?

Artist Mars Eve Reveals All!! I mean ALLLL....

What is a Valentiger?

Besides being my meta-verse spirit animal?

Hi I’m Mars. I create digital arts, and believe in ghost animals.

Valentiger started in the 2005 as various art design projects. At the time I was a fan of sites like Surfstation, Design is Kinky, and K10K. I ended up using Valentiger.com as an interview site for comic and juxtaposed pop-surrealists of the 2000s.

The first Archive.org instance:

❤️Valentiger 1.0






💘Blake as Cupid

The idea truly came from a mixture of my love for William Blake's The Tyger, and that I was born on Valentine’s Day 1971. It has always been my spirit animal.

Valentiger the band

There is a band called Valentiger that started around 2008(unrelated). Around 2010 I was disgruntled with art and offered to sell them the domain name for several thousands of dollars, but they didn’t wanna pay for it. Luckily I kept it. It is always been a part of me.

My Facebook has always been https://www.facebook.com/valentiger

I did lose the Twitter handle. And I do have the Instagram, even though I am locked out… Lol

I’ve actually been holding onto the domain, waiting for the right project. Many times it was almost another art magazine site, and it’s been a future fashion brand. It was almost a comic book.

HEY MARS! Where do I find you online?







Cheers bro! -Mars